E-commerce Product Recommendation Tips to Increase Sales

“21 Effective Product Recommendation Tips to Increase Sales” by Jon MacDonald, July 3, 2017 – https://thegood.com/insights/ecommerce-product-recommendation/

Make product recommendations to your customers on your e-commerce site. Don’t wait for them to find products on their own. You can set up ways to drive customers from one product to another.

In this article, Jon MacDonald outlines three basic approaches:

  • The content-based filtering method collects data about the likes and dislikes of each visitor (cookies allow tracking over multiple visits), then makes recommendations based on historical choices by that user.
  • The collaborative-filtering method incorporates data from users who have made similar choices, then combines that information to make decisions about recommendations.
  • A hybrid method combines the content-based and collaborative-based methods to incorporate group decisions, but focus the output based on attributes of a specific visitor.

Read more about why you should use a product recommendations engine and some best practices at https://thegood.com/insights/ecommerce-product-recommendation/ and generate more sales and improve your customer satisfaction ratings.