Communicating when change happens and has to happen

One thing that many executives don’t do well is communicate, especially when it comes to changes in the company.

Change is inevitable and change management is very important. How the changes are communicated from the top down spells doom or success for the implementation of change.

Letting people know what’s going to happen helps employees understand why it’s happening. Consolidations, layoffs, management structure changes – when employees don’t know what’s happening and why, mis-trust builds up and mis-communication occurs.

Executives must follow up with management to make sure that the communication flows down to all employees. If management disagrees with the executive decisions and doesn’t communicate it properly to subordinates, it undermines what the executives are trying to do.

So, how should executives handle the pressure, stress and uncertainty of change management? Communication and follow-up. It’ll go a lot smoother and employees won’t feel like they’re kept in the dark.