E-commerce and Social Media

“3 Ways Ecommerce Companies Should Use Social Media for Marketing” by Catalin Zorzini, January 14, 2018 – https://ecommerce-platforms.com/articles/3-ways-ecommerce-companies-should-use-social-media-for-marketing

E-commerce companies should be using social media to get more customers, spread the word and spend less on marketing and advertising.

Catalin Zorzini says that “For web businesses, effective social marketing represents real value. Social networks offer new ways to reach first-time customers, engage and reward existing customers, and showcase the best your brand has to offer.” Spending is growing and will continue to grow.

Read more details at https://ecommerce-platforms.com/articles/3-ways-ecommerce-companies-should-use-social-media-for-marketing for finding and engaging customers and for optimizing your paid advertising.

Catalin explains, in details, how to use customer research, customer service, customer acquisition and customer engagement to improve the way you interact with your customers.

He also explains how paid advertising on social platforms is more advantageous through more effective segmenting, through more sophisticated video advertising, through more accurate analytics and through better content distribution.

Stay ahead of the competition and start taking advantage of social media to improve your e-commerce efforts.