Quick wins when taking over a new group

Inheriting a new group and the people in it can be challenging. You can’t make wholesale changes without assessing the people, equipment, software, expenses and everything else.

Get your new team on your side by making small, quick changes that make the biggest impact.

I had one employee who didn’t have a car, so she had to rely on a ride or take public transportation. Due to the nature of her job function, it helped her to be able to work from home two or three days a week. We made that happen and she was happier and more productive.

Another example is an employee who had a medical issue with his scalp. He was told that he couldn’t wear a hat at work. He works behind-the-scenes in a non-customer-facing role. So, why not? I was able to get approval to permit him to wear ball caps to work. He was much more comfortable, confident and productive.

One other example, that was a little more expensive, was one employee who shared a department laptop when some employees worked off-site. Due to the nature of her job functions, she really needed to have a laptop that she can work on all the time, in and out of the office. I got her a laptop and productivity rose.

So, look for those quick wins and you’ll gain employee loyalty right away.